15 Amazing iPhone Tricks That You Should Know

15 Amazing iPhone Tricks That You Should Know

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With every new version and upgrade, smartphones are getting smarter. iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad have been the top devices in the US and across the world. With an increase in inventions and technology, it can be hard for a common man to keep up with these updates. In this post, I’m going to show you 15 amazing iPhone tips and tricks that everyone should know. These tips and tricks can help in your day to day activities in operating your iPhone.

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Close 3 apps at once

Image showing opened apps by double tapping the home button

If you’re an iPhone user like me, you will find these 15 amazing iPhone tricks very useful. You can use three fingers to close three apps at once. Instead of closing those apps the traditional way (i.e. one by one), you can close three at once. To do this, double tap the home button to show all the opened app sessions. Then, use three fingers (with each finger touching an app) to swipe up and close.

Use the iPhone camera as a magnifier

Magnifier in Settings

This amazing iPhone trick can be useful for everyone, particularly for older people and people with not so good eyesight. Imagine you bought a drug and this drug came with a guide showing instructions on how to use the drug. You tried to read it but couldn’t because the letters were too small. With this magnifier trick, you will be able to read it. Magnifier lets you use your device’s camera to magnify your surroundings.

To set this up, go to Settings => General => Accessibility => Magnifier.

When enabled, triple-click the Home button to start Magnifier.

Use the compass as a household tool

image showing the compass digital level tool

Apart from being an instrument used for navigation, the iPhone compass app can also serve as a level tool. Swiping left on the app will activate a useful tool: a digital level tool or spirit level. The app can be used to straighten out an object like a frame or Tv stand.

Text replacement

Tired of typing in every letter of a sentence, name or slang term every time you send a text?. You can teach your phone new words or abbreviations of your favourite sentences. Next time you go to type it in, your phone will suggest the word after a few letters, saving your fingers a little bit of time.

To enable this, go to Settings => General => Keyboard => Text replacement.

I usually make use of this trick when entering my email address in a text. I replaced my email address with the symbol “@”. So anytime I want to include my email address in a text I type in the “@” symbol and the keyboard suggests my full email address.

Shake to Undo

image showing the Undo Typing feature

Shake to undo is one feature on iOS devices that I have never seen on an Android device. This feature in iPhones and iPads works with almost all apps that you can type in. It can be useful when you mistakenly delete a text. Instead of typing it all over again, you can shake your phone to undo the change.

Shake to undo should be enabled on your device by default but if it isn’t, you can enable it. Go to Settings => General => Accessibility => Shake to Undo => turn it on.

LED Flash for Alerts

image showing LED Flash for Alerts feature in the Settings app on iPhone

The LED flash is easy to set up, and many people know about this function. It makes your iPhone flash during an alert like a text message and also when it rings.

To set this up, go to Settings => General => Accessibility => LED Flash for Alerts => turn it on.

Get a faster Charge

image showing flight mode.

Do you want a faster charge? You can make your iPhone charge faster by putting it on flight mode.

Correct Siri

We can all agree that Siri is a useful digital assistant that helps with our daily iPhone operations. If she says something wrong like a name or address, you can actually correct her. Just respond with “that’s not how to pronounce it” and Siri will ask for the right pronunciation. Once say it to her, she will repeat it back to you to make sure she got it right.

Record a video and take pics at the same time

You can be recording a video and be taking pics at the same time. To do this, click on the camera icon when recording a video. It will take a snapshot which wouldn’t interrupt the video recording in any way.

Using Siri to detect a song

Have you ever heard a song and loved it but can’t download it because you don’t know the title? Siri can help with that. Just say “What song is playing” and Siri will listen to the song. After listening to the song, Siri will then bring up the song details. I had to add this as one of the 15 amazing iPhone tricks that you should know.

Backspace on the calculator app

an image showing the calculator app

In the calculator app for iPhones, there is no delete or backspace button, but there’s a button to clear all numbers displayed. A user may think that there’s no backspace feature for the iPhone calculator app. You can use the backspace feature on the calculator app by swiping the numbers left or/and right. I have a friend who downloaded another calculator app from AppStore because she didn’t know about this.

See and control your data usage

An image showing data usage

You can see your data usage and maybe turn off a particular app or group of apps from using data.

To do this, go to Settings => Cellular => scroll down to find “cellular data”. Finally, you’ll see all the apps using your cellular data and how much data they’ve used.


image showing the DND option is Settings app

If you hate being disturbed by a call when sleeping at night, use Do Not Disturb at Bedtime. DND is a new feature on iOS 12 which helps to minimize distractions that can disturb your sleep. Not only does it silence all calls and texts but also dims the lock screen and directs all the alerts to notification centre until DND ends.

Search in photos

an image showing the saerch feature in photos app

The photos app on iOS devices uses computer vision to automatically recognize objects, people and scene in your pictures. This feature allows you to search for things like beach images or only images with your mom in them.

Search shortcut

image showing the search shortcut

With the search shortcut, you don’t need to go to your contacts app or open Safari just to Google something. The iOS search feature can detect certain types of search queries and offer to automatically run a relevant search in the right app. Just swipe down in apps home to use this search shortcut feature.


This post was a bit long, but it was also very informative. With these 15 amazing new iPhone tricks you’ve learned, the little you can do is share this post.

If you have any other amazing iPhone trick that’s not among the 15 in this post, you can let us know by commenting below. You can also check here for more tricks.

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