How To Hide Apps On iPhones (Simple As ABC)

How To Hide Apps On iPhones (Simple As ABC)

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iOS devices have always been among the top players in the technology markets with their mac, iPhone, iPad and iPod devices. In 2018, 44.6 percent of smartphone users in the United States used an iPhone. In this post, i will be showing you how to hide apps on iPhones.

Did you just get a new iPhone 7, 8, or X? Hiding an app on your iPhone is really a simple and useful tip to know. In this article, I am going to show you a very quick and easy way to hide apps on iPhones. You do not require any app or extra set of technical skills to do this. It is a built-in function in iPhone devices so the only thing you’re going to need is an iPhone.

I’m even going to make it easier for you by giving you step by step processes on how to hide an app or a group of apps on iPhone with images.

Go to Settings

The first thing you have to do is to open the settings app on your iPhone device.


In the settings app, search for screen time and select it.

Select screen time


Select content and privacy restrictions. If you have a pin lock on this feature, simply unlock it.

Select content & privacy restrictions


After selecting content and privacy restrictions, you will see a couple of options but look for the “Content Restrictions” option and select it.

Select content restrictions


select apps


At this stage, you have to choose an option according to the age rating of the particular app or even a group of apps you want to hide.

select an option according to the rating of the app you want to hide.

The “Don’t allow apps” option will only remove all downloaded apps and not the core iPhone apps like safari, music, notes app etc.


With this useful trick, you can hide any app that you don’t want people to have access.

Feel free to use the comment section below in case you have anything to add to this post. If you have any question or inquiry, you can also use the comment section.

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